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    NOTE: for the Axe-Fx III, Axe-Fx II, and AX8. NO refunds provided. 

    The Syn Gates Studio Cab Collection features a wealth of Impulse Responses (IRs) produced by Synyster Gates, Cooper Carter, and Nick Fainbarg at Costa Mesa Recording Studios in Costa Mesa, CA. The IRs represent a variety of cabinets used throughout Syn Gates’s recording career, including:

    2x12 Sound Kitchen, based on an Audio Kitchen™ cabinet with one Celestion™ Blue and one Celestion™Green speaker. This cabinet features a removable back and was captured with the back both open (“OB” in IR titles) and closed.

    4x12 Hellwin, based on a Hellwin cabinet with four Celestion™ Vintage 30’s in a Solid Baltic Birch cabinet.

    4x12 Boner, based on a Bogner™ Uberschall cabinet front loaded with Celestion™ Vintage 30 and G12T75 speakers in a criss-crossed X-pattern.

    1x12 MultiTone, based on a Polytone™ 102 amplifier.

    2x10 ‘64 TremLux, based on a 1964 Fender™ Tremolux Piggyback with original CTS speakers.

    1x12 ‘72 Princely, based on a 1972 Fender™ Princeton.

    Syn’s Iso Cab, a direct capture of the single Celestion™ Vintage 30 speaker Syn used for touring over the last several years.

    “The Stage,” an IR captured and tone matched directly from album stem tracks used as reference to create Syn’s direct Axe-Fx III signature tone settings.

    Our IR capture signal chain started with a selection of classic microphones:

    Shure™ SM57
    Royer™ R121
    Sennheiser™ MD 421
    Neumann™ U87

    Each microphone was sent through Neve™ 1084 preamps, with the exception of the U87, which was sent through a Chandler™ Germanium PreAmp.

    Each cabinet/microphone configuration was captured in two different positions for tonal variety, reflected in each IR name as A or B. In IR names, “o” denotes an “off-axis” position. The “Mix” IR included in each cabinet is a mix of all the microphones. We encourage you to pick your favorite IRs from this collection and mix your own cabinet sounds to taste within your units!

    NOTE: for the Axe-Fx III, Axe-Fx II, and AX8. NO refunds provided.

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